Friday, March 5, 2010

True wizard101 Mythology

Yesterday i was looking through friendly's blog (I'm sure you all know the friendly necromancer.) anyway some one asked an interesting question. Blaze silver fast asks what do the hieroglyphics say on the balance school chalkboard?

friendly translated and it says

living” “uncreated”“seasons” “we traveled” “the other worlds”“commotion among the elements” “a demon animal” “to devour” “to crush underfoot”

(actually friendly was unable but some other dude was.)

So what does this mean uncreated seasons ... the krocks traveled other worlds.
commotion among the elements (in my theory malistare.)

a demon animal hmm? AHH HA I've got it a demon animal or a titanic DRAGON.

though the next few clues do not match the dragon. the dragon didn't crush or devour anything.

so that means we have a massive monstrous animal coming to us.

so beware young wizards you have no idea whats coming your way.


PS, Valerian night bringer (or my AWESOME dad)

translated some more hieroglyphics on the wall but they are in random order.

so what kind of plan does kingsile have in store for us? these things we dare ask I've got another secret in store for you in my next post.

(sry that the link doesn't work I'll try to fix it as fast as i can ok?)

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