Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have an idea for a new world it would be called ... OLYMPUS!
this world would have Minotaur guards and you would get quests from the gods of mythology
to defeat the evil titans controlled by mallistare.

the titans would have 10000 health and would be myth type this is my idea for a new world PLZ comment about your idea and i might publish it!
The only thing is in order to share ideas you have to tell me them in comments. Sorry for the inconvenience
I have found all of the secret shoppers and that is what I'm sharing with you today.
first of all you will have to be lvl 25 or above and in Marley bone in order to learn them all
I'll get pics of them as soon as i can.
first secret shopper is in colossus Blvd she is located in the hut right across from Mindy pixie crown
the second shopper is in krockatopia on the roof of the shop on the island that is only available every hour to hour and a half
the last one is in Marley bone in digmoore station right after you exit the elevator it is a stair case by the mayor go down the stair case and there is the secret shopper.

last but not least the secret shoper badge. go inside the building the krockatopia secret shoper is standing on run up and down the carpet 4 times and that is how you get the badge.
in this website everyone will be able to share thier personal ideas for wizard 101. it still needs a little fixing but happy inventing!