Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello everybody. I have a question for you that have completed DS have you ever noticed that ledge in the path of scales?

Well it's no longer a ledge.

It's now a bridge that lead to.
an abandon house.

What kind of plan is this we ask.
I still have no idea but i will be opening a series of post about the mysteries of the worlds.

So in this post i will talk about DS.

I have already told you one of the mysteries but i have another for this post

In the Athemae shop in DS there is a Big cylinder door that is closed.

But when you complete DS you can go back in the shop and use a crystal stand and the door will open!

BUT you cant go in. So what will come of this area?
We still do not know.

So young wizards Think outside the box a few times to discover nothing any wizard has done before.

At first i didn't believe King Isle when they said you could discover hidden secrets no one, has but now that i have oppend this blog theres allot more than i thought.

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